(Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount: Electrify Your Acoustic!

With the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount you can add a pickup to your acoustic guitar or acoustic bass quickly and easily, with no guitar modification, and no soldering!
Guitar World        As seen on PremierGuitar.com

It's so easy to install, remove, and switch pickups, you can experiment with all of your favorite Strat-sized or Single Coil P-Bass pickups to see which ones sound right for the tune you're working on, or the venue you're playing.

Two sizes are available:

• Standard size for 3.5" to 4" (89 to 102 mm) sound holes

• Parlor size for 3.3" to 3.5" (84 to 89 mm)

Plus, the pickup is height adjustable, there is a volume control right on the mount, and a molded 1/4" jack attaches to the guitar end pin for cable strain relief. 

And you have the option to buy it alone or pre-loaded with the fantastic sounding EMG S2.

To install:
  • Place your pickup into the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount
  • Screw the pickup leads into the mini clamp on the mount
  • Slide the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount into the guitar
  • Attach the molded 1/4" jack to the guitar endpin 

Installation Video:

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