Need to connect MIDI from the mixing board to the stage in a concert hall?
MIDIMizer-Long Range™ is for you!
MIDI lengths of greater than 1 kilometer!

MIDIMizer-Long Range allows you to send and receive two pairs of MIDI Out/In over a single CAT5 (or Cat5e, Cat6) cable with lengths of over 1 kilometer (0.62 miles).

MIDIMizer-Long Range is sold in pairs. You supply the CAT5 cable, and you're ready to go!
Each MIDIMizer-Long Range box has a micro-B USB connector for power.

Go long! Get the MIDIMizer-Long Range!

*The MIDIMizer-Long Range does *not* transmit MIDI over ethernet. The CAT-5 cable used uses a non-ethernet signalling.
MIDIMizer-Long Range is only to be used in pairs. Do not connect MIDIMizer-Long Range to networking equipment.