This offer has ended...
Get a Baitar™ and/or Buitar™ for up to $500 off!†  
That's right, get a Baitar™ OMB2 or Buitar™ OMB1 for just $999!

Step 1: Purchase a Buitar™
or Baitar™
Step 2: Make a YouTube
video using it
Step 3: Get $100 back
via PayPal

Do steps 2 & 3 up to five times for a total of $500 back!

YouTube Video Requirements:
  1. Title of video must include "EurekaSound" and either "Baitar" or "Buitar"
  2. Video must be at least 60 seconds long
  3. Video must've received at least 200 hits (We'll help with that by putting it on a playlist that is posted on our site)
  4. It can't suck...
Contact us after you've made the video.  We'll need to verify it's you - many ways we can do that.  Video from a live performance is great. Video of you just playing is great too.  Get creative.  Get down.  Get $500!

 This is a limited time offer and subject to end or change at any time.