(Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount: Electrify Your Acoustic!

Strat-sized pickup


With the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount you can add a pickup to your acoustic guitar or acoustic bass quickly and easily, with no guitar modification, and no soldering!

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  • A molded 1/4" jack attaches to the guitar end pin for cable strain relief

  • Pickup is height adjustable

  • Volume potentiometer

To install:

  • Place your pickup into the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount

  • Use the screws (and springs) that came with the pickup to attach the pickup into the mount

  • Insert the wires from the pickup into the two-pole mini clamp (one wire per clamp - wire order does not matter), and tighten the wire into the clamp using a jewelers screwdriver

  • Slide the (Eureka)Sound Hole Pickup Mount into the guitar sound hole

  • Attach the molded 1/4" jack to the guitar endpin

Don't need the volume control or cable?