Too many MIDI cables cluttering up the stage?

Need longer MIDI cables to make it from one end of your studio to another?

MIDIMizer-CAT5 is for you!

MIDIMizer-CAT5 is a cable adapter with two standard MIDI cables on one side, and a CAT5 RJ45 connector on the other. By using standard CAT5 cable, MIDIMizer-CAT5 enables musicians to connect MIDI gear in a cost effective and organized way.*


MIDIMizer-CAT5 is sold in pairs. You supply the CAT5 cable, and you're ready to go!

Cable lengths as long as 15 meters (50 feet)!

Clean up your act! Get the MIDIMizer-CAT5!

With free shipping to the U.S.A.(Add $10 USD for international shipping)

*The MIDIMizer-CAT5 does *not* transmit MIDI over ethernet - it's a cable adapter only. MIDIMizer-CAT5 is only to be used in pairs. Do not connect MIDIMizer-CAT5 to networking equipment.