Configuration Vb: Customized for the Behringer Bass V-Amp Series

This video shows you the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 and the Bass V-Amp Pro in action:


Five Modes, easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:
  • Effects Mode: Turn individual effects on/off in stompbox-like fashion, with state reflected on the pedal LED
  • Presets Mode: Easily enter presets 1A-25E
  •  Improved in EurekaPROM2!  Favorite Presets Mode: Allows you to store & recall your 10 favorite presets with the push of a pedal!
  • Specials Mode: Use the looping function in the Bass V-Amp!
  •  New to EurekaPROM2!  Effects & Presets Mode: Access Effects mode pedals 1-5 & Favorite Presets pedals 6-10 in one layout
Expression Pedals programmed for wah & volume. MIDI activity LED. And waterproof labels!


Switch between modes with UP/DOWN pedals.

1) EF: Effects

  • Turn Effects on/off!
  • Requires 2 MIDI cables connected (FCB MIDI out-to-Bass V-Amp MIDI in & FCB MIDI in-to-Bass V-Amp MIDI out). 
  • Effects state for pedals 1-8 is automatically updated on the pedal LEDs.

2) Pr: Presets

  • Enter Presets 1A-25E! 
  • Enter preset A-E using pedals 1-5. 
  • Decrement/Increment bank using pedals 6 & 7. Bank displayed in 7-segment display.
  • Pedal 10 toggles the Tuner on/off.

3) FP: Favorite Presets

  • Store 10 of your favorite Presets for 1 press recall! 
  • To store a Preset: 
    • In Pr mode, select preset via the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010. 
    • Press  & Hold the UP pedal until the 7-segment display begins to flash FP. 
    • Press the pedal you wish to store the Preset. The 7-segment display will flash when stored. 
  • To recall a Preset, press and release the pedal of your choice.

4) SP: Specials - Looper

  • Use the looper in the Bass V-Amp!
  • FX is switched to Loop/Delay upon entering SP mode.
  • Some of looping functions don't operate properly on very old Bass V-Amp Pros with Bass V-Amp PROM version 1.0 - you can 'pop-the-lid' off of your Bass V-Amp Pro to check. All other modes work properly even with the old PROM. 

5) EP: Effects & Presets

  • To get to EP mode:
    • Go to EF mode.
    • Press & Hold the UP pedal until both the EFfects LED & Favorite Presets LED are both lit.
  • Pedals 1-5 are from EFfects mode.
  • Pedals 6-10 are from FP mode.

MIDI Activity LED

  • In 1-cable mode, the LED is on when MIDI is sent, off otherwise.
  • In 2-cable mode, the LED is off when MIDI is sent/received, on otherwise. 


What do I need for this setup?
A Behringer Bass V-Amp Series processor with firmware version 1.09*, a Behringer FCB1010 loaded with the EurekaPROM, and one or two MIDI cables depending on your preferred mode of operation.  [*Note that we sell the version 1.09 Behringer Bass V-Amp PRO PROM for $20. This requires you to open the Bass V-Amp Pro and replace it's PROM. You can purchase by clicking on this link: Buy Bass V-Amp Pro PROM v1.09. This is not a substitution for the EurekaPROM, but in addition to.]

What do you mean "one or two MIDI cables depending on your preferred mode of operation"?
You may operate this in 1-cable mode, but EF mode is not functional.  In two-cable mode EF mode is functional with effect state reflected on pedal LEDs.

Even though I have both MIDI cables connected, when I turn on my Bass V-Amp series processor & EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 two-cable mode isn't detected.
The EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 boots faster than the Bass V-Amp processor, so if you turn them on simultaneously the EurekaPROM won't detect the return MIDI cable. The solution is to turn on the Bass V-Amp processor first and let it finish booting before you turn on the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010.

When I enter SP mode the FX changes settings.  Why?
Delay/Loop is one of 15 FX settings in the Bass V-Amp. VamPROM Bass automatically sets the FX mode to 'Loop' as soon as you enter SP mode.

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