Here is a list of artists using EurekaSound! products:

(If you are such an artist, send us an email with a pic and links)

Kevin Storm

Kevin Storm

Facebook • Kevin's band Heidevolk: • FacebookWebsiteWikipedia

Galen Clark

Galen Clark

Facebook • Galen's band Cellar: • FacebookWebsiteBandcamp

George Salas

Ultimate GuitarYouTubeWebsite (Photo by Alejandra Saldana)

Raf Rivera

Mike Bino

Guitarist for the Mike Bino Project and Rattlebone: • FacebookTwitter

William Coles

Stephen Mandarano


Gunter Weppler (from the band Mindreaper)

Kevin Schmidt

Kevin Schmidt

Kevin's band Alien Frequency: • FacebookiTunesCDBabyAmazon

Sean Radford

WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutube (Photo by Darryl Hobson)

Anagnorisis (from the band Sariola)