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"The sound through my 10 watt Marshall was AWESOME!!! I also have multiple soundhole PU's. Just about every one you can name for under $100. The Eureka blows them all away!!! I might sell my other guitars after this, not sure yet. It is truly a pleasure. You make a good product. " Jemal Jones

"Wow ! I just received my Baitar! What a nice instrument... It sounds great ! I'm happy and proud - I think, I'm the first one in France who's got such an wonderful instrument." Matthieu Georges

"The pro audio industry is so much better with companies like you doing these simple things to make good gear great." Rexx Fernandez

"I am so happy with my rack legs and the EurekaPROM I forgot there was ever any problem." Loo Wood

"The EurekaPROM I just received for my Behringer FCB1010 is the BOMB! Genius. Pro standard! Using it with an Avid Eleven Rack. It's really hard to beat perfection. Great job Eureka!" Eric Walker

"I recently replaced my complete touring backline and decided to to go lightweight. The Eleven Rack and the FCB1010 with your brilliant EurekaPROM are making the global travel a LOT easier. Just wanted to say a big thanks to you guys. Thanks for an awesome product!" Kevin Storm from the band Heidevolk

"Just want to say how happy I am too have found the Eureka chip for my FCB1010, I've now finished my bass rig :-)" Ashley Biar

"Hey I Got It !!! And Man I Gotta Tell Ya, I Don't Know Why I Didn't buy It Months Ago. Very Easy. I Got It Working Within Minutes. Thanks Again, Really, Reallly Appreciate It. Talk To Ya Later, Gotta Rock, Mutha !!!" Joey Baima

"Man, I feel that when I bought the Behringer FCB that I’d hit a dead end… It didn’t have the capabilities that the outside showed it would have. I love the EurekaPROM. Great invention." George Salas

"Greetings from South Africa. I received the EurekaPROM 2 and installed and started using it over the weekend, what a pleasure!! Easy install and between the installation and setup guides on your site it was very easy. What a great combination, your EurekaPROM2 really rocks! Thank you very much !!" Ian Roberts

"I received your package today. Installed the EurekaPROM on FCB and it is working perfectly. You did an amazing job. Even if I could figure out how to program FCB I could never do that such clever as you did. Thanks so much, and I wish you all the best." Oliver Arunovic

"Wow, just wow, not one for stories so let me just say I am your happiest customer ever! Just received your EurekaPROM today, plugged it in and it works with my setup straight away, you have no idea how many hours I have wasted trying to program this pig of a foot pedal when all I want is simple functions from it. Thank you so much." Steven McArthur

"It is awesome what you guys do. Seamless integration, and it makes everything much much easier to do." Carlos Méndez

"EurekaPROM showed up today. It installed easily and works perfectly. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!" Warren Tarlton

"Love the board and combined with the PROM it's just what I wanted for the Kemper. Great product and service. Thanks so much!" Jim Greenhalgh

"Just installed my EurekaPROM2. Best $35 I have spent on music gear in a very long time. It has changed my FCB1010 from an ok controller to a real useful piece of gear. Get one, you will not be disappointed!" Ed Foley

"The Baitar is a beautiful guitar and a whole lot of fun to play. It's a great product." Nick Marzock

"Thank you for making an amazing product. My AdrenaLinn III would be a bookend without it!" James Young

"Hey there! Just had to say something, apart from the speed my EurekaPROM 2 arrived from the U.S. (4 days! It usually takes longer than that to get stuff from Europe to Ireland a much smaller distance...), it was just so simple and straightforward to set up. In ten minutes all was done and operational and has increased the flexibility of my AdrenaLinn 3 to pure heaven. I'm no technophobe but wouldn't usually dream of modding any of my equipment - but this is so easy!" Brian Morgan

"Just got my EurekaPROM 2. Installed in 8 minutes. Setup in 2. Then spent 1 hour blissfully ignoring any kind of crazy programming on my FCB. THANK YOU!!!!" Colin Walls

"Thank you very much. We received our first one for use in our Axe FX II guitar rig, and it is so sweet we are getting a second one for our Kemper bass rig. It takes the FCB1010 from ugh to awesome!" Jon Misich

"Got my new prom and installed it with no trouble. Used the online YouTube demo of how to install and program the Behringer footcontoller with the Eleven Rack. All I can say is thanks guys this has opened up the use of these 2 devices and increased my enjoyment and creativity immensely. Not to mention help overcome my technophobia! A very grateful customer from Australia - thanks very much!" John Barry

"Everything is perfect, you've done great job, which saves a lot of pain." Martin Ivanov

"I love the new chip...works great with the Kemper as well as my Eleven Rack." Carl Hardwick

"Got your chip at 1:30, installed and was using my 11 Rack by 3:00 like I used it for months. Very easy to install and made the controller very easy to use and understand. I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks!" Vince Tanyer

“I received EurekaPROM2 chip yesterday! This chip for Kemper is bloody awesome!” Borjan Devic

"I LOVE the EurekaPROM!! I avoided using the FCB just because it was so difficult to program. Thanks for all the cool work you guys do!" Chris Barrett

"Hi, guys! I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. I am a touring and session guitarist based out of South Florida, and I have to have rock-solid reliable gear both on stage and in the studio. I purchased your EurekaPROM for the Behringer FCB-1010 to use with my Eleven Rack and it's FANTASTIC! It works perfectly, is easy to use, and provides me with all the features I need. Thanks again!" Sean Radford

"That chip is amazing!! There is virtually no programming to be done. I thought it would be a pain in the butt to get everything set up but it's super easy!" Carl Monaco

"Just to let you know that I received the EPROM and I'm impressed with your service. Well done! You are truly reliable! I got it faster than when I get stuff from Europe with Fedex! Thank you" Alfiero Cardona

"Seriously excellent product. Works like a charm with my Axe-FX II. Thank you!" Ben Massat

"Hi guys! I would like to thank you for creating the EurekaPROM! I just got it for my Eleven Rack and I am very pleased! I am a very active musician and a middle school guitar teacher currently about to start my M.A. in Music. Again, I thank you for making such an affordable product." George Salas

"I am so pleased, I can’t tell you how much I love this Pedal. Right out of the Box and playing. I watched your tutorial and never had to open a manual. My Eleven Rack is taking on a whole new meaning and playability than I ever imagined. Why has it taken me so long to discover Eureka Sound? Anyway it was a pleasure not having to spend hours programming it like the Midimate. I will take every opportunity to share your company and product and the “Pre-loaded” experience. " John Thurston

"Hey guys! This chip kicks such major ass! I chucked my Uno which I never used. I want to play my guitar, not study MIDI programming just for a dang foot controller. Truly Truly Plug And friggin' Play!! A thousand Thank Yous. Oh yeah, got it for Eleven Rack. Get one of these chips NOWWWW!!!!" Siegie Stangenberg

"Great Buitars & Baitars! Outstanding." Peter Borowski

"Im loving the EurekaPROM, it has taken this board from basically UNUSABLE to plug and play!" Kevin Cataldi

"Just wanted to say I installed the EurekaPROM 2 and really like what you did for the Eleven Rack. It switches so much nicer. Love the EP mode!! Great work!"John Fritz

"I just installed my EurekaPROM2 in my FCB1010 and this thing is fantastic!! This was the best purchases I have made in a long time. I love how the foot controller works now without all the tedious programming. I was getting so frustrated that I almost stopped using the foot controller altogether. Everything works like a charm. It was easy to install and learning the all of the functions was super easy." midijz (comment on YouTube video)

"Thanks for the excellent customer service and a killer product!" Brandon Miller

"I'm a proud owner of your chip with my 11 rack. It has worked flawlessly for countless performances." Brian Martin

"I'm switching from a Voodoo Lab Pro to the FCB1010 because of your product. Really nice job on integration!" Bob Chapin

"Thank you so very much. I ordered an FCB1010 from Amazon (Prime) Tuesday night, and ordered a Eureka Prom from you at the same time. I got an address confirmation e-mail from you about an hour and a half later, and a shipping notice from Paypal Wed. a.m. Both units arrived this afternoon (Fri.), and I installed the PROM as per your instructions in about 15 minutes while my two year-old napped. I fired it up, set it to 11(Rack), calibrated the expression pedals, and plugged in a midi cable. Works great at about half the cost of the 'recommended' foot controller. I'm quite pleased with your price, product, and prompt service. It's rare in these times. I would recommend this setup to any 11Rack user looking to save a few bucks for plug -ins." Sam K.

"Amazing !!! Got my e prom today..there aren't words to describe my satisfaction with all aspects of EurekaSound. Responce to my first email was fast and polite. Shipping is fast..got it in 2 days!!! The set up and user tutorials are clear and professional. The EPROM itself is awesome... I was at the point of spending $400 on a board until I found you guys and thought...what da heck, I'll try this first...well, you just saved me over $350....Thank you!!!! I owe y'all a beer...." Robert Overbeek (Editor's note: We like beer!)

"Thank's for the great peace of gear. It improved my rig control so much. For the G-Major 2 the EurekaPROM is just brilliant! Thanks!!" Eugene Getman

"Wow...just got my EPROM.. nothing short of awesome. Its like taking plain Jane and turning her into a super model for 35 bucks!!! The service, tutorials, shipping and quality are second to none!! Thanx EurekaSound!!!!" Robert Over

"WOW !! Just to say Thank You for the Excellence !! Excellence in the Quality of the product and in the business. Ordered in July 26, and in Aug 8 it was in my home, in Brazil !! I´v been using a FCB1010 for over a years with my Digitech 2112 (chipset 2120), and now i´v been using an Eleven Rack too. I was scared to configure it (FCB1010) again for the new one..... and.... I found EurekaSound !! This chip is really Great and Perfect !! Installation with the tutorials was really simple, and everythig else was great with the tutorials to configure it. It´s a great musician vision of a engineer product/technology !! Thank You !! Great Product !!" Mariva Lima

"Just a quick message to thank you for the fantastic service! Ordered the EurekaPROM last Sunday and received it today (Friday) in Australia!! Installed it without a hitch and now, the FCB1010 is actually useful. I've got over 25 years experience dealing with MIDI, but the FCB1010 in it's standard form would have to be the most difficult and confusing piece of MIDI gear I have ever come across - extremely difficult to program and very inflexible. Now, it's fantastic!! Easy to use and I can throw the useless Behringer user manual in the bin. Thanks again!" Mick Gillies

"Thanks for making our life easier with this little chip" Ahmed Kamai

"Your chip is awesome invention!" Wel Loren

"I have EurekaPROM installed in my FCB1010, using it currently on V-Amp 3 and it works like a dream." Jeremy Johnson

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the EurekaPROM! Your lighting fast delivery and superb customer service is the best!! My 11 Rack is even more fun to play now that I have the EurekaPROM." J.W. Embry

"Thank you again for making everything so easy with the EurekaPROM!!" Vitacolonna

"EurekaPROM = Perfect" Luiz Felipe Santos

"Your customer service is beyond awesome. Got the EurekaPROM and I'm all set up to go now. Thanks a million. You rock." Mike Wisto

"I have to say I'm so pleased with your product. I spent a week trying to figure out how to program the FCB 1010 with my V-amp Pro. With them being made by the same company you would think it would be easy. I still have no idea what they are even talking about in that manual. Anyway, great job! I'm a drummer and was able to have it all up and going in a matter of minutes. Everything is good and it all works great!" Keith Montrose

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using the EurekaPROM for about 4 months now on my 11Rack. It has made the 11Rack a useful tool live. Very easy to install the PROM and worked immediately. The hardest part was installing the labels on the FCB1010 ;). Thanks for this, it saved me many hours of frustration trying to set up the controller on my own." Joey Hanko

"I just got the replacement EurekaPROM you sent, it's installed and working perfectly. Thanks for your speedy response. Really happy with the product - can't thank you enough." Jim Love

"Genius product!!" Trent Wideman

"The EurekaProm working with my G Major 2 and FX2000 is a godsend. Great work you have done and great support I have received from you." Terry Connolly

"I received and installed the EurekaPROM. It works really great and it's this chip that turns the Eleven Rack into useful hardware. Better than I expected. Thanks a lot" Leander Müller

"Your chip has REALLY made the 11 Rack a breeze to use!" Steven Wylie

"I just wanted to thank you guys for your work on such a great upgrade to a good controller. My FCB 1010 was always so hard to program and that UnO chip was even worse. In PP mode it should work at any thing I throw at it! I'm using a G#, an Intellifex and a Digitech DSP128+. Best $35 I've ever spent on my rig. I was going to get rid of that damned board until I found this chip." Daniel Martinez

"The Prom has just arrived today! I installed it and everything works fine! Thank you for this great Produkt! Cheers from Germany." Robert Powilleit

"Order received. Thank you. It fired right up and your videos were easy to follow and walked me through the complete set up process. Everything you said about it is true...mighty fine work you do over there in Eureka Land. I will tell all my guitar friends about the EurekaProm. Thank you." Bob Wilkins

"I am very appreciative of the EurekaProm chip! It has opened a 'new and exciting universe' to performing with the 11R!!" Michael St Charles

"Your product work's perfectly with my eleven rack. I'm very, very happy." Philippe Guessounn

"While buying an Eleven Rack and looking for a midi controller (FCB1010 seemed good and cheap), I read about EurekaPROM on the Web and ordered one. I received it quickly and it’s true that it’s so nice to just plug and use. Bravo!" Jean-Philippe Mendez

Friend of EurekaSound! Donald Waugh states @ ~6:30 in this video "Very good product to add to your FCB1010, really adds to the usability of the product":

"I received the EurekaPROM quickly, installed it and everything worked as advertised. Thank you, it was well worth the money." Stephen Haendiges

"I bought a FCB1010 with a Uno Chip 2 years ago and it sat collecting dust because it was so hard for me to program the way I wanted. I tried getting it to work with Native Instruments Guitar Rig the other day and spent over 9 hours trying to get it to work but to no avail. While searching for a solution, I found the EurekaProm site. The product arrived in my mailbox in TWO days and after installing the chip, I had Guitar Rig working the way I wanted in less than 5 minutes!!!! I wish I would have known about this MUCH earlier. Plan on buying an ElevenRack soon and can't wait to see the results with that as well!" Adam Durham

"You really did a great job with the Prom, it is just great." Yoram Shorek

"The Eureka prom worked like a charm! It saved me so much time with not having to program my midi controller!! Thank you!!" George Chatterton

"Thank You. You are a genius for coming up with a chip that does all the things that the Eureka Prom does !!!! You made my gigging a lot better." Jose Valdes

"Thanks for the chip...I've put a small mention on blog.loopr.net/. Great work, and thanks again" Tristan Zand

"The foot controller arrived today. I popped in the EurekaProm and was up and running in minutes - and the Behringer manual is still in it's sealed bag! Excellent work - very impressed indeed." Peter Ellery

"Just installed EurekaProm in FCB 1010 and fired it up with my Eleven Rack. Absolutely awesome!!! Saved me from ripping out what little hair I have left programming the pedal. Could not have been easier. Best $35 music gear purchase ever. Thanks!" Jim Wiehoff

"I got the chip And it works great! Thanks for the prompt support and shipping!" Vivek Rao

"My FCB1010 was something I bought but never could use. Finally I gather some time to work with the EurekaProm and I have to say it's just great." Félix Gallego"The work you've done here is nothing short of genius." Michael Baker

"This prom works perfect!" Bob Schneider

"Wow – this absolutely saved me a TON of time programming! You guys rock!" Ted Hajnasiewicz

"I am very impressed by your product. As a technical and musical person myself, I can truly appreciate your efforts and passion to make 'already cool' stuff even cooler for real musicians to use. Thanks so much." Gabe Barteck (Also a glowing review on Amazon)

"The eprom arrived today, many thanks. Very easy to fit, and ……… IT WORKS! That damn controller has been sat doing nothing since 2006. In fact, it's still got the protective plastic film on all the surfaces. Today, for the first time, I've been able to use it, and actually know what to expect. I'll be gigging it next Wednesday. Thank you for delivering exactly what you promised." Mike Vose

"I use my FCB1010 with the Adrenalinn III and originally installed the UnO chip when I bought it. When the EurekaProm came out, I bought that and the difference was instantaneous. I did not have to do any external programming for the pedal; it was just plug and play... When I compared the price of the FCB1010 with the Roland FC300, even adding in the price of the EurekaProm, you’re less than half the price of the Roland pedal. While the Roland pedal is easier to program, I say, why program when you can just plug in a chip and be on your way? If you’re the least bit squeamish about installing the chip yourself, rest assured I have close to zero tech skills and I was able to install both the UnO and the EurekaProm chips without killing the chips or the FCB1010 pedal, so if I can do it, so can you." Excerpts from Calvin Thomas' FCB1010 review on Sweetwater.com

"I just got my EurekaPROM today and installed it in my FCB then hooked it up to my Axe2. Everything works perfectly. I can move through presets 1 at a time like I wanted and I can assign the expression pedals to different effects on a per preset basis. Thanks a lot, this is a lot cheaper of a solution than buying an MFC101 and 2 expression pedals!" Fred Blevins

"The guys from EurekaSound are geniuses. I use it for my Adrenalinn III.. and it is simply plug and play.. all the way!No programming hassles, and it is compatible with any of the other defaults should I ever change gear!" Graham Britton from Yahoo! FCB1010 Users Group

"Love the PROM. I especially like that I can use it with both my A3 and my VG99." Sean Utt

"Yes! The EurekaPROM is GREAT! I was able to accomplish the majority of my AxeFX control needs within minutes! Thanks again!" Michael Watson

"There are companies out there that will build MIDI controllers for as low as $800, but for a full-featured one, the price is more than double that. While looking for the information to build my own, I stumbled across EurekaSound. The EurekaPROM is exactly what I needed to control my entire rig. With the EurekaPROM, I can control the GCX with my ever-changing pedal drawer and can have up to 8 effects pedals at any given time. The awesome thing about the EurekaPROM is that I still have two pedals left on the FCB to switch channels on my amp and mute my tuner with the Amp Gizmo. The EurekaPROM has given me the ability to control a professional grade stage rig at 1/10th the price. It is flexible and easy to set up. I couldn't be happier with it." Guy Sperry of The Chick P's

"I installed the EurekaPROM and have gigged with it a couple of times. It works great! Thanks for building this great chip!" Colton Borg

"I've got the TC Electronics G-Major, and what I've been painstakingly trying to do with this FCB1010 for the last 5 weeks I accomplished in no more than 5 minutes after installing your chip. Man, I so very much appreciate this breakthrough that you have come up with. I took the UnO chip and now use it as a back scratcher because I feel the least it should do is give me some kind of comfort after all of the migraines I've dealt with over the last month plus. THANKS A MILLION" Adam Anderson

"Thanks for a great and affordable product!" John Payton

"I didn't like to scroll through presets via Behringer's two button foot pedal, so I bought the FCB1010. I was all sorts of confused by the FCB1010 and while surfing the web for a solution, saw a mention of your product...thought I would give it a try-the price was definitely right! After installing it I was up and running, and the pedal board was finally usable! I especially like that I can now tap the wah switch and use the expression pedal like it should have been from the beginning from the manufacturer-too cool! Thanks for a great product with even better customer service!" John Payton

"I would like to thank you for your attention and support!" Daniel Raposo

"Yes, it does kick ass!" John Pascuzzi

"Everything is working great, the expression pedals, fx switches, etc. Really easy to do plug and play." Jeremy Skrenes

"Arrived all safe a sound. Fitted in 2 mins and working well with the 11 rack in less... Saved me hours of trawling through the manual. Many thanks." Jaden Rose

"Thank you guys. This is really the good stuff!" Manuel Guerra

"You guys made a wonderful chip!!" Kazunari Miyoshi

"Thanks again for a very cool product... Loving it!" Phil Barnes

"Excellent customer service!" Christopher Mayo

"WOW! It works great - I really really like it. Merci" Eric Wuilmet

"I have to say, its probably the best £20 I have spent for a long time. Its really made a big difference to the AdrenaLinn and made it so much easier to control and simpler to use whilst playing. Its a great piece of software engineering." Chris Milton

"Very cool! A great product!" Charles Stella

"I'm really, really pleased with the chip - I'd all but given up on the FCB prior to the upgrade. Even with the UNO chip, I could never get it do exactly what I wanted with the AIII. So, thanks very much." David Wharton

"Ingenious and well worth the money." Steve Deady

"I'm in AdrenaLinn heaven!" Philip Marston

"Wanted to let you know, chip is excellent. Makes the FCB1010 work more like I expected it to in the first place. I like flexibility but don't want to have to get a degree in engineering to figure out how to change some settings or save a favorite." Rich Bencivengo

"I installed it easily. Everything works perfectly, so count me as a satisfied customer." Larry Odneal

"Thanks for the great chip!" Erik Buis

"Thanks for the excellent customer service." Jim Hare

"I could not be more happy. Thanks for a truly great product !!" Udo Jourdan

"The prom you designed makes the Bass V-Amp a whole different animal!!" Terry Collalto

"I wanted to let you know that I got the chip in today, installed it, and it ROCKS!" Mike Fontenot

"Wonderful product and makes controlling the A3 a breeze." John Bumanlag

"What a cool thing you have created and it truly makes the A3 much more user friendly." Kerry Hotchkiss

"This is great. Also the stickers/labels are a godsend. Thanks!" Reid Lowery

"You take me out of a dark hole with this brillant idea. : = )) Thanks a lot." Wolfgang Eichholz

"Now I can fully utilise the FCB with the 11R. Really excited with what I can do with the rig now, cheers!" Edmund Wee

"I wanted to congratulate you for a topping solution to the FCB1010. Revelation!" Arkadiusz Galka

"It's working great! :-)" François Boucher

"[The gig] went great, the product is awesome. Some of the absolute best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you again." Michael Johnson

"I have been putting off the idea of working with midi for years because of the learning curve. But thanks to you and your product my life on stage is going to be opened up to a whole new world of possibilities." Kevin Bernard

"The AdrenaPROM + FCB1010 is hands-down the best foot pedalboard solution for AdrenaLinn III, and at $175 total cost, it's also the cheapest large-pedalboard solution." Roger Linn

"Being able to truly reflect the on/off status on the footswitch LEDs, along with the VamPROM's ability to poll and preserve the current Pre-Fx, Delay, Post-FX, Gate, & Amp settings while in 'Effect Mode' makes it a superior solution to controlling the V-Amp than attempting a half-ass emulation of stompbox behavior using either the Behringer or UNO EEPROMs. Add to that the functionality of the Preset and Favorite Preset modes and it's a no brainer... UNO's out and VamPROM's staying in!" Frank Genus

"Very cool indeed. VamPROM Bass makes controlling the Bass V-AMP a breeze. Effects mode got so many things right for live use: EQ off or on, Amp Model off or on, Compression, Effects - just the kind of things you want to change up while playing. Setting Favorite Presets was like setting favorites on a car radio - hold the button and lock it in. The loop layer is fun - I had never gotten it working in earlier efforts, but it lit right up with the VamPROM Bass. Wow." Jon McCown

"What can I say? It works great. I was actually going to sell my FCB1010 because it just did not work the way I wanted it to. I was planning on getting a Ground Control Pro and a couple of expression pedals at a much higher cost. The 11PROM makes the Behringer more useful and more intuitive than the other more expensive setup." Ted Swan

"I installed G-PROM yesterday and I have to say it's like the FCB is a completely new device! MUCH easier to use. I'm fairly new to MIDI but I picked this up right away. It's a GREAT device!" Patrick Swope

"This is a great chip! Programming the FCB1010 to work with the Adrenalinn III, even with the UNO chip was a little more work than I had time to give. With the AdrenaPROM, I was up and running in a surpisingly short time, and having the III respond to the FCB is great." Cal Thomas

"I was really, really dreading having to 'program' a MIDI floor unit just to get it working, and seeing as I know nothing about MIDI it would've been a very long and drawn out process with many mistakes. And since the ERXP has been released a flexible floor unit w/ 11PROM is a must have." Vaughan MacEgan

"The AdrenaPROM is wonderful. Thank you soo soo much." Mabelle Felipe Medrano

"I really like this mod. I used to make 'special' patches with deletes of the pre and post effects to mimic a stomp box setup. The VamPROM makes this all seamless and normal." Rick Quick

"I must tell you I almost stopped using the AIII, preferring my analog pedalboard with stompboxes where I know what to use easily....With AIII and AdrenaPROM/FCB I can easily get what I want without caring of setting CC, midi notes etc etc.... FANTASTIC!!" Maurizio Iosa

"I've used VamPROM more in 3 weeks than I've used FCB-1010 (v2.51? eprom) in 3 months. Thank you!" Chris Sandefur

"The 11PROM works perfectly - good product!" Gerald Huebl

"I just wanted to let you know the AdrenaPROM is AWESOME. This works out very well and It really opens up the Adrealinn III." Anthony Rodrigues

"I can't say enough about the VamPROM. At the gig the darn thing worked like charm! It does exactly what a V-Amp owner needs to do quick patch changes and !!!TURN ON and OFF EFFECTS!!! for each patch." David Tschirhart

"I must say I'm really liking the operation of the VamPROM chip a lot" John Abram

"The AdrenaPROM is working great...stunning product." Evan Walton

"LOVE the AdrenaPROM - it makes the A3 sit up and do tricks...awesome product!" Keith Duke

"The 11PROM works great, for $25, the 11PROM is a very good deal. Thank you!!!" Rob Collins

"I just installed the 11prom in my FCB1010 and I have it up and running. It works great!" Ron Worrell

"The Vamprom Bass is Awesome. I use it every day in practice and on performances. I did a solo gig with it a few days ago and it was rock solid. Thanks again" Donald Waugh

"Loving the G-Prom." Ken Bergstrum

"Your 11PROM is great!" Istvan Matok

"I just got the Vamprom! whoohooo! I'm enjoying the my fcb1010 with your awsome chip! Thanks a lot." Norman Ross Coral

"I received my 11Prom today. Thank you VERY much! I am so happy with it:)" Lars Rune Rebbestad

"I just wanted to tell you that I have received VamPROM today. I installed it and tried it, and it is even more then I expected." Malik Suljevic

"The Adrenaprom arrived yesterday, installed OK and works perfectly. An excellent, first rate product!" Graham Britton

"The FCB1010 and the 11PROM is a amazongly useful remote controller for 11R at a unbeatable price point! ...I probably never ever got more usefulness per dollar than with 11PROM!" Styro

Today I got Racklegs delivered. You've created an amazing product, as usual! Sending you a photo with my Avid 11!  Kind regards, many thanks and warm greetings from Malta!  Martin Ivanov

"Today I got Racklegs delivered. You've created an amazing product, as usual! Sending you a photo with my Avid 11!" Martin Ivanov