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Turn your FCB1010 into a customized MIDI controller for your AdrenaLinn III


  • Custom presets to control your AdrenaLinn III (no more trying to program the FCB1010!)
  • Turn individual effects inside the AdrenaLinn III on/off (Amp, Mod FX, Reverb, Delay, & Compression)
  • On/Off state of AdrenaLinn's effects reflected on FCB1010 pedal's LEDs
  • Send AdrenaLinn III specific MIDI Control Messages
  • Easily enter Preset number
  • Easily enter Drum Beat number
  • Play AdrenaLinn's MIDI drums using FCB1010 pedals
  • Easily switch between control modes
  • FCB1010 overlay label for intuitive control
  • Glow-in-the-dark pedal labels
  • MIDI activity LED

This block diagram shows the connections and default settings.



AdrenaPROM Quick Start Guide

PROM Upgrade Manual


What is it?

The AdrenaPROM (pictured above) replaces the memory chip in your Behringer FCB1010, turning it into a customized controller for your Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn III.

Is AdrenaPROM hard to install?

No, it just takes 5 minutes and a screwdriver. Here's a video showing you how to do it:

So, no more programming the FCB1010?


Then how do I assign pedals to different sounds/functions?

By programming the AdrenaLinn III (which is MUCH easier!).

What do I need for this setup?

An AdrenaLinn III, a Behringer FCB1010, and one or two MIDI cables depending on your preferred mode of operation.

What do you mean "one or two MIDI cables depending on your preferred mode of operation"?

Effects Mode can be operated in either one-cable mode or two-cable mode. In one-cable mode each pedal sends a specific MIDI controller message. In two-cable mode each pedal continue still sends a specific MIDI controller message, but pedals 1-5 have the current state of those effect settings reflected on the pedalʼs LED.

What messages do the pedals send in EF, Pr, d.b., & dr modes?

In 2-cable mode I notice that pressing the AdrenaLinn III's Effect footswitch will sometimes change one or more of pedals 1-5 LEDs on the AdrenaPROM-enabled FCB?

That's expected. Each preset in the AdrenaLinn III has a mapping of its EFFECT footswitch to one or more effects. Those effects include Amp, Modulation (Mod FX), Compression, Delay, Reverb, and Boost. The LEDs for pedals 1-5 on the AdrenaPROM-enabled FCB1010 reflect the current on/off-state of Amp, Mod FX, Compression, Delay, and Reverb (not Boost however). So, when the AdrenaLinn III Effect footswitch is toggled, one or more effect LEDS will toggle accordingly for that preset. That is unless the preset has the AdrenaLinn III Effect footswitch is tied to boost, then no pedal LEDs will toggle.

What functions can I assign to the MIDI control messages triggered by the pedals?

There are a bunch. Check out the AdrenaLinn III manual for complete details.

What functions can I assign to the MIDI control messages sent by the expression pedals?

Check out the AdrenaLinn III manual for complete details.

Note that the expression pedals send MIDI control change messages to the AdrenaLinn III, using the default controllers 4 (left pedal) & 11 (right pedal).

What drum sounds can I assign?

There are lots. 9 styles of bass drum, 9 styles of snare, 9 styles of hi-hat, and 15 different percussion sounds.

You guessed it, check out the AdrenaLinn III manual for complete details.

Will this setup work for my AdrenaLinn I or AdrenaLinn II?

The AdrenaPROM is optimized for the AdrenaLinn III, so you'd need to upgrade your AdrenaLinn I or II to use the AdrenaPROM.

Even though I have both MIDI cables connected, when I turn on my AdrenaLinn III & AdrenaPROM-enabled FCB1010 two-cable mode isn't detected.

The AdrenaPROM-enabled FCB1010 boots faster than the AdrenaLinn III, so if you turn them on simultaneously the AdrenaPROM won't detect the return MIDI cable. The solution is to turn on the AdrenaLinn III first and let it finish booting before you turn on the AdrenaPROM-enabled FCB1010.

Also, make sure the AdrenaLinn III is set up to send & receive on MIDI channel 1.

How do I operate the switch outputs?

The switch outputs are not currently implemented. Let us know if that would be a good future addition.

Where is the AdrenaPROM made/manufactured?

The labels are manufactured and printed in the United States. The EPROM is programmed in the United states. The EPROM is of foreign origin.

How do you ship the AdrenaPROM?

The AdrenaPROM is shipped via First Class Mail (no tracking), in a 6"x9" white Tyvek envelope. The envelope contains the AdrenaPROM, the labels, the Quick Start Guide, and the PROM Upgrade Manual.

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Firmware Version History & Details

  • 1.0: Initial release
  • 1.3: Expression Pedal response lag eliminated, EF Pedals reassigned
  • 1.4: Adjustments in Pr and d.b. mode to "Press & Hold" pedal action and expression pedal response

If you have an earlier version of the AdrenaPROM and would like to upgrade to the latest version of firmware: 1) Purchase as normal via the Purchase tab, then 2) Return the old AdrenaPROM back to us within 30 days for a $10 rebate.



... to our beta testers, Roger Linn & John Pascuzzi. Invaluable feedback, technical direction, and patience. Thanks guys!