Baitar™ OMB2 & Buitar™ OMB1

EurekaSound is proud to offer the Baitar™ OMB2 & Buitar™ OMB1. These inspiring extended range instruments are a novel combination of bass and guitar, that play like a standard 6-string guitar. With a scale length of 25.5" and EADGBE tuning, all fingering and chord structures are what you're already used to, but now you have an extra octave of range.

See (and hear!) it in action:

Proudly Made in the USA

  • The Baitar™ OMB2 & Buitar™ OMB1 use the finest USA-sourced wood, alder for the body, hard maple for the neck and fretboard
  • Made in USA Hipshot tuning machines offer excellent tuning precision and stability
  • Made in USA EMG pickups offer a full spectrum flat uncolored response
  • Made in USA CTS potentiometers and Switchcraft jack make up the high fidelity electronic circuitry
  • Custom string sets are Made in USA round wound with nickel-plated steel for a distinctive bright tone with clear fundamentals
  • 3D Printed in USA hard plastic nut and pickup adjusters provide superb action and pickup height adjustability
  • All assembly, setup, and inspection, also proudly performed in the USA



So, the Buitar™/Baitar™ is a combination bass and guitar, that plays just like a standard guitar?

Yep, you got it!

How are the strings tuned?

This graphic shows it best, with a comparison to a standard 6-string guitar & bass:

What's the big deal? How is it different than if I put the same B0/E1 string on my guitar?

First, the B0/E1 bass string(s) won't fit into a standard guitar bridge or guitar tuning peg. Second, a standard guitar can't output the bass string(s) through a separate output as the Buitar/Baitar can. And if you've ever had to share your guitar amp with your bass player, you'll know why it's a good idea to separate them!

How can the bass sound bass-like with a 25.5" scale?

Here's the trick: Using 5-string bass strings. In other words, the E1 string on the Buitar™/Baitar™ has the diameter of a B0 string. Now, usually a bass has a 34" scale. If you were to play the 5th fret on the B0 string of a 5-string bass, that'd be the note E1. That string length is almost exactly 25.5" (25.471" to be exact), which is the scale of the Buitar™ & Baitar™. Cool, huh?

Can one really play both bass & guitar at the same time?

Sure, with the Buitar™/Baitar™ you can play both bass & guitar at the same time. Granted, you won't be able to play just any ol' tune performing both parts, but that's not the goal. The goal is to provide an eminently playable way to add pitch range for stringed instrument performance.

Who would want one of these?

  • A solo performer or duo that would like to add bass to the mix
  • A bass player in a trio (lead guitar, bass player, and drummer) that wanted to add rhythm guitar during solos
  • A metal guitarist that wants that deep chunka-chunka bar chord effect of an Extended Range Guitar (7+ strings) in a 6-string configuration
  • A singer-songwriter that wants to hear more of the tune while writing
  • A guitarist that is inspired by something new

How is Buitar™/Baitar™ shipped?

Buitar™/Baitar™ is shipped via USPS priority.

How much for shipping?

$0 for contiguous USA. Contact us regarding other destinations.

How long should it take to arrive?

We'll keep a very small stock. If we have stock, it should take about a week. If we are out-of-stock, add an additional 6-10 weeks for manufacturing.

Does the Buitar™/Baitar™ require any special gear?

If you plan to use the Buitar™ and/or Baitar™ in stereo mode (tip = guitar, ring = bass), then you'll need a 1/4" stereo cable or 1/4" stereo breakout cable, which we include with the instrument.

Do you offer any other colors/finishes/styles?

We do have a custom shop, offering different woods, different finishes, different metal options, and left handed. Contact us to explore designing the instrument of your dreams.

Why are they named "Buitar" and "Baitar"?

Believe it or not, there's an algorithm for that. There are four strings on a bass, and 4 letters in the word bass. There are six strings on a guitar, and 6 letters in the word guitar. So, for "Buitar" we take one string(letter) from bass, and add it to 5 strings(letters) from guitar to get b-uitar. For "Baitar", take two strings(letters) from bass and add it to 4 strings(letters) from guitar and get ba-itar. Yeah, we're geeks.

Do I need to worry about the neck twisting due to the bass strings?

We use a neck with two truss rods, the same design used on 12-string guitars. That provides ample strength for the neck to withstand the extra string pull.

Where can I get replacement strings?

We sell custom sets from our store.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. And we understand the apprehension of buying a guitar without playing it first. That's one of the reason we try to provide video clips of all different styles. But we're confident you'll like it. So here's the deal:

• You have 10 days from the day that you receive it to test it out

• If you're not satisfied for any reason, send it back (customer pays shipping)

• We'll refund you (providing there's no damage), minus a 10% restocking fee

What's new for the 2014 models?

Based on some great user feedback on the 2013 models, we made a few tweaks, including:

  • Alder wood bodies, finished with a thinner coat of urethane for more wood tone & feel
  • A new thinner neck profile
  • Redesigned headstock so the strings have a straight pull over the nut
  • Optimized pickup configuration for better sound and adjustability
  • A new customized bridge

We think you'll love the 2014 updates!

Can I see some other people using it?

Sure, how about George Elliot from North of Mason-Dixon performing at NAMM!

Or how about all of these other happy people at Summer NAMM?

Got another question? Email us.