TapTrigger: Percussion where you want it.


TapTrigger is electronic percussion trigger that is activated by force rather than vibration. Why is that significant? Most triggers are piezo-based, and need to vibrate freely in order to trigger a drum module, so they don't work well if placed on an absorbing or solid material (like the floor, a board, your body, etc.). TapTrigger is different - it allows you to place the triggers on any solid surface. Just plug TapTrigger into any drum module with trigger inputs, and drop a beat!

What do I need to use it?

All you need is a drum module with trigger inputs, and a surface to place the trigger pads. Connect it all together as shown in the video, and you're ready to rock.

What's included in each kit?

  • 1) Two triggers Each trigger is composed of a trigger pad (the part you actually tap) and a cable ending at a mono ⅛" plug
  • The cable is 2 meters long
  • The trigger pad has an adhesive backing so you can stick them onto your desired surface
  • Trigger pad measures 38mm x 38mm x 0.5mm (that's thin!)
  • The trigger pad is flexible, and able to be placed on curved surfaces
  • 2) A level converter The level converter allows the triggers to interface to any commercially available drum module with piezo-level trigger inputs
  • Two ⅛" jacks for connection to the triggers
  • Two ¼" jacks for connection to the drum module
  • One power jack (2.1mm/5.5mm inner/outer diameter)
  • Power LED
  • Non-slip cork bottom
  • 3) Power splitter The TapTrigger needs very little power (< 0.2 W), so instead of having its own power supply, you can borrow some power from your 9v-based drum module with the splitter


  • A single kit (two triggers, one level converter, one power splitter) for $110 Delivered in USA. ($130 USD for international delivery)

Contact for some great deals on remaining stock!


With which drum modules is TapTrigger compatible?

Any drum module with trigger inputs.

How many TapTriggers can I chain together off of the drum module power supply?

That will depend on the power consumption of the drum module (should be in the drum module manual), and the power output of your DC supply (should be written on the supply itself). One or two kits should not be a problem.

How is TapTrigger shipped?

TapTrigger is shipped via US Postal Service Priority mail. No tracking.

How long should it take to arrive?

Priority mail is 2-3 day service to most US destinations, 6 to 10 average business day delivery to major international destinations.

Where is TapTrigger manufactured?

TapTrigger is manufactured in the USA of both USA and international components.

Is TapTrigger RoHS compliant?


Uh, what is RoHS compliant?

It's a directive to get nasty stuff out of products, like lead and mercury, and other chemicals that look unpronounceable. We made sure that we used only RoHS compliant materials for TapTrigger.

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