EurekaSound releases the EurekaPROM2

The Best Behringer PROM Upgrade Just Got Better

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 1st, 2013 - EurekaSound LLC is proud to announce the release of the EurekaPROM2. This release is the second generation of the Behringer PROM upgrade, removing the complexity of using the world's most popular MIDI Pedal.

Several improvements over the popular first generation EurekaPROM, including:

  • Two new configurations
    • PA for the Kemper Profiling Amp (that has effect state feedback!)
    • & FA for the Fractal Audio Systems Fractal Axe-FX II
  • Split mode, where pedals 1-5 are stomp boxes, and pedals 6-10 are presets
  • Improved Favorite Preset mode, with the program change is sent on the pedal press rather than the release
  • Totally rethought PP Programmable configuration, with
    • Effect Mode stomp box type selection of toggle (0/127) and/or momentary (127)
    • The ability to send program changes to all 16 MIDI channels in Presets Mode
    • The ability to invert LEDs in Effect mode
    • The ability to offset the Program Change value by +1 to the 7-segment display
    • Both Note On & Note Off sent in SP mode
  • Improved wah pedal response

"The original EurekaPROM has been a huge success, and is in use all over the globe" said David Graham, co-founder of EurekaSound. "The EurekaPROM 2 incorporates so many improvements and additional modes and configurations - artists are going to love it!"

About EurekaSound

Incorporated in 2009, EurekaSound LLC creates "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" products for musicians. EurekaSound products like the EurekaPROM have simplified artist's lives all around the globe. For more information, please visit


David Graham