One PROM. All Effects Boxes. Total Control.

No need to read your multi-effects box MIDI manual!

No need to figure out how to program the Behringer FCB1010!

And we've changed the functionality of the FCB1010 to be musician friendly.

All you need to do is install the EurekaPROM 3!

There is a customized configuration for the following list of effects boxes:

(* EF Mode supports automatic update of effect state to pedal LEDs)

Plus an easy-to-use programmable configuration for all other effects boxes and custom setups - even multiple effects boxes simultaneously! Works with devices from Ableton, Digitech, Eventide, IK Multimedia, Rocktron, and others.

All of the configurations share a basic layout, functionality, and features:

  • Four or Five Modes (depending on configuration), easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:

    • Effects Mode: Turn individual effects on/off (like stompboxs), with effect state reflected on the pedal LED

    • Presets Mode: Easily enter and send presets

    • Favorite Presets Mode: Favorite Presets Mode allows you to store and recall your 10 favorite presets with the push of a pedal!

    • Specials Mode: Allowing you to access special modes within your chosen configuration

    • Effects & Presets Mode: Pedals 1-5 from Effects Mode, and pedals 6-10 from Favorite Presets Mode

  • Expression Pedals for wah, volume, and more for some configurations

  • MIDI activity LED

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What is included in the EurekaPROM package?

The PROM, pedal labels for pedals 1-10 of the FCB1010, and an overlay label for FCB1010 display area.

What is the latest EurekaPROM revision?

Revision 3.2.

Here's the EurekaPROM changelog:

  • Revision 3.2

    • FA configuration (Fractal)

      • Added support for 768 presets.

      • Fixed bug that prevented effect state feedback for the Fractal Axe XL/XL+.

    • PA configuration (Kemper)

      • Added support for Morphing.

      • Changed reverb and delay to add tails.

    • PP Programmable configuration

      • Added feature that recalls the last preset # per MIDI channel in Pr Mode.

  • Revision 3.1

    • Added support for effect state feedback for the Fractal Axe series, along with tuner feedback to the FCB1010 7-segment display

  • Revision 3.0

    • Added one new configuration: IO for programmers

    • Updated the PA configuration for the Kemper Profiling Amp to include looper functionality and tuner feedback on the pedal

    • Updated the FA configuration to expand to 511 presets

    • Improved wah pedal response and range

    • Improved LED brightness

    • Minor bug fixes

  • Revision 2.0

    • Added two new configurations

      • PA for the Kemper Profiling Amp (that has effect state feedback!)

      • & FA for the Fractal Audio Systems Fractal Axe-FX II

    • Added a split mode, where pedals 1-5 are stomp boxes, and pedals 6-10 are presets

    • Improved Favorite Preset mode so that the program change is sent on the pedal press rather than the release

    • Totally rethought PP Programmable configuration, with

      • Effect Mode stomp box type selection of toggle (0/127) and/or momentary (127)

      • The ability to send program changes to all 16 MIDI channels in Presets Mode

      • The ability to invert LEDs in Effect mode

      • The ability to offset the Program Change value by +1 to the 7-segment display

      • Both Note On & Note Off sent in SP mode

    • Improved wah pedal response

  • Revision 1.1

    • Initial release