One PROM.  All Effects Boxes.  Total Control.

No need to read your multi-effects box MIDI manual! 

No need to figure out how to program the Behringer FCB1010!

And we've changed the functionality of the FCB1010 to be musician friendly. 

All you need to do is install the EurekaPROM 3!

There is a customized configuration for the following list of effects boxes:

(* EF Mode supports automatic update of effect state to pedal LEDs)

Plus an easy-to-use programmable configuration for all other effects boxes and custom setups - even multiple effects boxes simultaneously! Works with devices from Ableton, Digitech, Eventide, IK Multimedia, Rocktron, and others.

All of the configurations share a basic layout, functionality, and features:

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All for only $35! With free shipping to the USA

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What is included in the EurekaPROM package?

The PROM, pedal labels for pedals 1-10 of the FCB1010, and an overlay label for FCB1010 display area.

What is the latest EurekaPROM revision?

Revision 3.2.

Here's the EurekaPROM changelog: