Rackmount Effects.

At your Feet!

We Love Rackmount Effects...

It's probably no surprise that we here at EurekaSound are partial to rackmount effects processors.

  • They're so flexible - with the touch of one pedal (from a EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 no less) you can change your entire effects chain and signal path for virtually endless sonic possibilities.
  • They're also incredibly compact - no lugging around an entire pedal board, multiple stompboxes, batteries, and all the fiddling with tiny 1/4" cables to connect them together.
  • And let's face it, DSP has come a LONG way, making these rackmount effects processors sound phenomenal. Countless pro players have completely swapped out their stompboxes for rackmount effects.

The only thing we miss? Not being able to just glance down and see the effects! Well, now you can...



What is included in the RackLegs™ package?

A pair of RackLegs™, with each leg having two captive thumbscrews with built-in spacers.

What rack cases do you recommend for use with 2U RackLegs™?

Yep, the Gator GR-2S and the SKB Roto-Molded 2U Shallow Rack, but any 2U rack 19" or shorter with rear rack rails should work.

Whats the difference between 2U & 4U RackLegs?

The obvious first answer is size (see wiki description of rack units). 2U RackLegs are for 2U cases, 4U RackLegs are for 4U units. The 4U RackLegs also use thicker steel for greater stability.

What is the bolt spacing for RackLegs?

• 2U RackLegs: 3" spacing, threading into the first and last hole of a standard 2U rack rail.

• 4U RackLegs: 4.75" spacing, threading into the first and ninth hole of a standard 4U rack rail

Will 2U RackLegs™ work with 3U?

Yes. In fact, here's a video review showing a 4U case using 2U RackLegs™. And now we also sell a 4U RackLeg solution!

Here's a customer video showing off RackLegs (a previous but very similar version).