Configuration Po: Customized for the Line6 POD Series

Discontinued Product


Three Modes, easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:

  • Effects Mode: Turn individual effects on/off in stompbox-like fashion, with state reflected on the pedal LED
  • Presets Mode: Easily enter presets 1A-32D
  • Favorite Presets Mode: Allows you to store & recall your 10 favorite presets with the push of a pedal!

Expression Pedals programmed for wah & volume. MIDI activity LED. And waterproof labels!


Switch between modes with UP/DOWN pedals.

1) EF: Effects


  • Turn Effects on/off!
  • Supports 1 MIDI cable (FCB MIDI out-to-POD MIDI in).
  • LEDs do not automatically update, but they still have state, three in fact: off, on, blip (for unknown effects state).

2) Pr: Presets


  • Enter Presets 1A-32D!
  • Enter preset A-D using pedals 1-4.
  • Decrement/Increment bank using pedals 6 & 7. Bank displayed in 7-segment display.
  • Turn Pedal 8 'Off' for 32 Bank PODs, or 'On' for 9 bank PODs.
  • Pedal 10 toggles the Tuner on/off.

3) FP: Favorite Presets


  • Store 10 of your favorite Presets for 1 press recall!
  • To store a Preset:
    • In Pr mode, select preset/drumbeat, press Send (Pedal 5).
    • Immediately Press UP to enter FP mode.
    • Press and hold the pedal you wish to store the Preset/Drumbeat for ~5 seconds. The 7-segment display will flash when stored.
    • Leave FP mode.
  • To recall a Preset, press and release the pedal of your choice. Note that the Program Change command is sent on the release, not the press.

MIDI Activity LED

The LED is on when MIDI is sent, off otherwise.


What do I need for this setup?

A Line6 POD Series processor (including POD 2.0, PODXT, Bass PODXT, Flex III, Vetta II, and POD X3 Pro), a Behringer FCB1010, and a MIDI cable.

Are there any restrictions with various PODs?

Yes, the CC#'s used are NOT universal so all PODs. This table shows the compatibility:

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