Discontinued Product

Do you still sell the AdrenaPROM, VamPROM, VamPROM Bass, 11PROM, or G-PROM?

No, since all of the functionality of these PROMs (and more!) is now in the EurekaPROM.

What MIDI channel does the EurekaPROM use?

All configurations with the possible exception of PP-Programmable use MIDI Channel 1 only. It is possible to program the MIDI channel for PP-Programmable configuration using the Advanced programming instructions.

Are the 10 Favorite Presets shared amongst all configurations? Or does each configuration have its own 10 Favorite Presets?

Each configuration has its own. Moving between configurations will NOT erase the Favorite Preset values.

What version EurekaPROM is currently shipping?

Version 1.1.

Do you have a EurekaPROM upgrade policy?

Yes, if you have an earlier version of the EurekaPROM and would like to upgrade to the latest version: 1) Purchase as normal via the Store, then 2) Return the old EurekaPROM back to us within 30 days for a $10 rebate. FYI, it's $2.07 to ship domestically via US postal.

Where is the EurekaPROM made/manufactured?

The labels are manufactured and printed in the United States. The EPROM is programmed in the United states. The EPROM is of foreign origin.

How do you ship the EurekaPROM?

The EurekaPROM is shipped via USPS First Class Mail (no tracking), in a 6"x9" white Tyvek envelope. The envelope contains the EurekaPROM and the labels.

Is there anyway to verify my FCB1010 & EurekaPROM are operating correctly?

Yes, you can perform a Diagnostic Routine that allows you to verify the hardware components of the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010, including: LEDs, the 7-segment display, the expression pedals, and the MIDI connectors.

To execute diagnostics:

  1. Connect a MIDI cable from the FCB1010 MIDI output to the FCB1010 MIDI input.
  2. Hold down pedals 1 and 0 while powering up the unit.
  3. Diagnostics testing will begin.
    • All LED's will toggle on/off in sequence
    • All segments of the 7-segment display will be tested.
    • MIDI Loopback will be performed. If this fails (cable not attached), the display will show "IO" then stop.
    • Pedal testing mode. Pressing a pedal will turn its corresponding led on/off (Actually, it turns on the LED over one pedal...). Pressing the expression pedal will show the value on the 7-segment display. Pressing up/down will switch which expression pedal is displayed on the 7-segment display.

The FCB-1010 needs to be power cycled to exit from Diagnostics mode.

Is there a way to clear all of my presets, calibration, etc?

Yes. Hold down pedals 1 & 9 while powering on. That will clear all data stored in the FCB1010.

Is MIDI Thru supported?

Program Changes, MIDI Control Changes, and MIDI Notes are supported with MIDI Thru. Sysex commands are not.

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