Configuration FA: Customized for Fractal Axe-FX Series

(Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page for specifics on the various Axe versions)


Five Modes, easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:

Expression Pedals programmed for 10 effects & volume. MIDI activity LED. And waterproof labels!


Switch between modes with UP/DOWN pedals.

1) EF: Effects


2) Pr: Presets


3) FP: Favorite Presets


4) SP: Specials - Looper


5) EP: Effects & Presets


*EP mode is only active for 1-cable mode.

MIDI Activity LED

Changing the Default FA Settings

This video shows you how to program the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 PP configuration:

FA Configuration Programming

Here are the steps to program the FA configuration. Note that you can just push Pedal 5 to keep the currently stored value (defaults listed below) - no need to select and enter every single parameter. 

You made it through?  Awesome!  Now go play guitar - you’ve earned it.


What do I need for this setup?

A Fractal Audio Axe-FX Series processor and a Behringer FCB1010, and a MIDI cable or two.

Which Fractal Audio effects are supported?

I having trouble with the looper - what's up?

Here are some tips from Axe-expert trancegodz:

Does the EurekaPROM work with Axe-FX III?

Yes, for one-cable mode (meaning there is no effect-state feedback), but there is some extra work to set it up. Once again, Axe-expert trancegodz explains:

Note: When using the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 with the Fractal in 2-cable mode, be sure that MIDI THRU is set to OFF.

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