Configuration FA: Customized for Fractal Axe-FX Series

(Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page for specifics on the various Axe versions)


Five Modes, easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:

  • Improved in EurekaPROM3! Effects Mode: Turn individual effects on/off in stompbox-like fashion, with state reflected on the pedal LED

  • New in EurekaPROM3! Tuner now reflected on FCB1010 display

  • Improved in EurekaPROM3! Presets Mode: Easily enter presets 0-768, scenes 1-8.

  • Favorite Presets Mode: Allows you to store and recall your 10 favorite presets with the push of a pedal!

  • Specials Mode: Control the built-in looper!

  • Effects & Presets Mode: Access Effects mode pedals 1-5 & Favorite Presets pedals 6-10 in one layout

Expression Pedals programmed for 10 effects & volume. MIDI activity LED. And waterproof labels!


Switch between modes with UP/DOWN pedals.

1) EF: Effects


  • Turn Effects on/off!

  • With 2 MIDI cables connected (FCB MIDI out-to-Fractal Axe MIDI in & FCB MIDI in-to-Fractal Axe MIDI out), effects state for pedals are automatically updated on the pedal LEDs. Make sure that the Fractal Axe is fully powered-up before the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 is powered on. *Ultra does not support effect state feedback - use only 1 cable mode.

  • With 1 MIDI cable connected (FCB MIDI out-to-Fractal Axe MIDI in), the LEDs do not automatically update, but they still have state, three in fact: off, on, blip (for unknown effects state).

  • All 10 pedals can be reprogrammed to any CC#, and can either toggle between value 0 & 127, or just send value 127 (good for functions like increment and decrement). Plus the CC# for the expression pedals can be reprogrammed. See "FA Configuration Programming" instructions below.

2) Pr: Presets


  • Enter Presets 0-768 with "Scenes Off" (pedal 9).

  • Enter Scene 1 - 8 with "Scenes On" (pedal 9) - also access tuner, now with feedback to FCB1010 display.

3) FP: Favorite Presets


  • Store 10 of your favorite Presets for 1 press recall!

  • To store a Preset:

    • In Pr mode, select preset via the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010.

    • Press & Hold the UP pedal until the 7-segment display begins to flash FP.

    • Press the pedal you wish to store the Preset. The 7-segment display will flash when stored.

  • To recall a Preset, press and release the pedal of your choice.

4) SP: Specials - Looper


  • Access the built-in looper!

  • Note that a looper block must be present in the preset in order to operate.

  • Check the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more looper hints.

5) EP: Effects & Presets


  • To get to EP mode:

    • Go to EF mode.

    • Press & Hold the UP pedal until both the EFfects LED & Favorite Presets LED are both lit.

  • Pedals 1-5 are from EFfects mode.

  • Pedals 6-10 are from FP mode.

*EP mode is only active for 1-cable mode.

MIDI Activity LED

  • In 1-cable mode, the LED is on when MIDI is sent, off otherwise.

Changing the Default FA Settings

This video shows you how to program the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 PP configuration:

FA Configuration Programming

Here are the steps to program the FA configuration. Note that you can just push Pedal 5 to keep the currently stored value (defaults listed below) - no need to select and enter every single parameter.

  1. Enter Programming Mode

    1. Hold down Pedals 8 & 10 on power up.

  2. Setup EF mode pedals 1-10

    1. 7-segment display will show “EF” to signify Effects mode programming, and pedal 5 LED should be flashing.

      1. Press pedal 5 to continue.

    2. Pedals 1-10

      1. The 7-segment display will show the pedal number (“P1”, “P2”, etc. to “P0”)

        1. Press pedal 5 to continue.

      2. Display should show "ty" for pedal type.

        1. Use the UP/DOWN pedals to select the pedal type (0-1) that will be sent in EF mode for that pedal. (0=Toggle (0/127), 1=Momentary(127))

        2. Press pedal 5 to lock in that selection.

      3. Display should show "CC" for MIDI Continuous Control number.

        1. Use the UP/DOWN pedals to select the CC number (0-127) that will be sent in EF mode for that pedal.

        2. Press pedal 5 to lock in that selection.

      4. Repeat from 2.b.i until done with the last pedal

  3. Setup the Expression Pedals

    1. Expression pedal configuration (Ea & Eb)

      1. Display should now read "Ea" (for Expression pedal A)

        1. Press pedal 5 to continue.

      2. Display should show "CC" for MIDI Continuous Controller number.

        1. Use the UP/DOWN pedals to select the CC number (0-127) that will be sent when that Expression Pedal is used

        2. Press pedal 5 to lock in that selection

      3. Repeat from 3.a.i for "Eb" (for Expression pedal B)

You made it through? Awesome! Now go play guitar - you’ve earned it.


What do I need for this setup?

A Fractal Audio Axe-FX Series processor and a Behringer FCB1010, and a MIDI cable or two.

Which Fractal Audio effects are supported?

  • Fractal Axe-FX II, XL, & XL+ all fully supported, including two-cable mode with effect state feedback.

  • Standard, Ultra, Axe-FX III, FM9, & FM3 work with one-cable mode only.

I having trouble with the looper - what's up?

Here are some tips from Axe-expert trancegodz:

  1. You must have a looper block in the preset you’ve chosen in the Axe FXII for the buttons in this mode to work.

  2. You must have the metronome volume turned up in the Axe FXII for the metronome button to work.

    • Press the Tempo button on the front of the Axe FXII, scroll over to the Metro Level and turn it up to about 5db.

    • The Metro button and the Tap Tempo buttons work in conjunction with each other. The Metro button turns the metronome on and off, and the Tap Tempo controls the speed of the metronome.

  3. For the Undo button to work you must select either Mono Undo or Stereo Undo in your Axe FXII.

    • Pressing the Undo button will erase the most recent overdub you have made. It does not erase the original recording, just the last overdub you have made.

    • The Undo button will not work if you have selected Mono or Stereo in your Axe FXII. You must select either Mono Undo or Stereo Undo in your Axe FXII Looper block.

Does the EurekaPROM work with Axe-FX III?

Yes, for one-cable mode (meaning there is no effect-state feedback), but there is some extra work to set it up. Once again, Axe-expert trancegodz explains:

  • Right now the Axe FXIII does not come with any of the MIDI CC# numbers assigned. So all anyone who buys an Axe FXIII needs to do is to set up the MIDI CC# numbers like they were in the Axe FXII and it will work with the EurekaProm.

  • Also, under the "MIDI/Remote Menu", turn "Program Change" to "On".

  • Go into Setup->Midi/Remote-Other and set CC# for "select scene" to 34 so that Scenes will work.

  • The Axe FXIII has a few less looper functions available, specifically Half, Dub, & Metronome.

Note: When using the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010 with the Fractal in 2-cable mode, be sure that MIDI THRU is set to OFF.

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