Here's all of the information you need to set up your FCB1010 with the EurekaPROM 3.2

Replacing the FCB1010 PROM

Watch this video for instructions on installing the PROM:

Or follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Unplug all cables from your Behringer FCB1010. Flip the FCB1010 upside down so the bottom of the foot pedal is facing up. Remove the 16 screws circled in the photo. Tip: Put them into a cup (or some other container) so you don’t lose a screw.

  1. Swing the bottom panel away so that you have access to the motherboard. No need to remove the ground cable connecting the bottom panel to the chassis. You can see the EPROM now.

  1. This step is a little tricky. Carefully remove the hot glue from the EPROM - either with your fingers, needle nose pliers or a small knife. Once the glue is removed, insert a thin screwdriver or small knife between the chip and the socket (not below the socket) to gently lift one edge of the chip 1/16”, then the other side 1/16”, then repeat until the chip is free, taking care not to bend the pins. (You might want to use the chip again in the future.)

  1. Now place the PROM over the same socket as shown in the picture, making sure that each pin fits into its own place in the socket, then gently push it in. (You do not need to hot glue it back in - unless you like playing with hot glue…)

  1. Move the bottom panel back into place, and screw back in all 16 screws. The 6 longer screws go in the 3 holes at each end of the chassis.

  2. Flip your new & improved MIDI controller back to right-side-up.

  3. Affix the enclosed labels, using the appropriate pedal label set for your effects box. Below is one way to affix them. But feel free to get creative with it. Stickers are fun! :-)

Label Placement
  1. Plug the power cable in. And connect the MIDI cables:

    • FCB1010 MIDI Out -to- Effects Box MIDI In for all configurations

    • Plus FCB1010 MIDI In -to- Effects Box MIDI Out for configurations A3, VA, & Vb

  2. Turn it on. If the PROM was installed correctly, and cables were connected correctly - and you wouldn’t screw it up, right? - then after a short startup sequence, you should be rocking’.

  3. Jam accordingly.

*Note that EurekaSound is not responsible for any harm or damage to any person or to your FCB1010.

Don't want to load the EurekaPROM yourself? No problem.

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First Power On

The first time the FCB-1010 is powered on after inserting EurekaPROM, it will automatically perform some initialization on the non-volatile memory. Note that any previously stored calibration data or favorite presets from an earlier EurekaSound EPROM will be erased. The display will show "CL" and "--" alternating while clearing the non-volatile memory. It will then show "In" while initializing default parameters. After initialization is completed, it will wait for the user to select the desired configuration (see next section...)

Selecting a Configuration

Here are the steps to select a configuration within the EurekaPROM:

  1. Keep switches 1 and 2 pressed while powering up the unit.

    • You'll see "A3" appear on the 7-segment display, and the Pedal 5 LED begin to flash.

  2. You can scroll through the configurations using the UP and DOWN pedal. The configurations include:

3. Once you've selected a configuration, press Pedal 5 to select it.

The configuration selection is stored in non-volatile memory in the FCB1010, so it'll remember your choice the next time you power the FCB1010.

Here's a video showing the Select Configuration procedure:

Expression Pedal Calibration

Calibration is performed just like you would with the standard Behringer PROM installed:

  1. Keep Pedals 1 and 5 pressed while powering up the unit. (You'll see "CA" appear on the 7-segment display.)

  2. Move the left expression pedal to the lowest position (heel closest to the ground - should see a number on display <10*), then press the UP pedal.

  3. Now move the left expression pedal to the highest position (heel furthest from the ground - should see a number on display >120*), followed by pressing the UP pedal.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 but with the right expression pedal.

Both expression pedals are now calibrated! The values are stored in non-volatile memory in the FCB1010, so it'll remember the values even after it has been turned off.

Here's a video showing the calibration procedure:

*If you're seeing numbers outside of the "should see a number" range, check out this forum post for the fix...