Configuration G-: Customized for TC Electronic processors


Five Modes, easily switched between using the Up/Down pedals:

  • Effects Mode: Turn individual effects on/off in stompbox-like fashion, with state reflected on the pedal LED

  • Presets Mode: Easily enter presets 1-100, on Banks 0-9. 1000 presets!

  • Favorite Presets Mode: Allows you to store & recall your 10 favorite presets with the push of a pedal!

  • Specials Mode: Change the expression pedal definition to modify 10 effects parameters!

  • Effects & Presets Mode: Access Effects mode pedals 1-5 & Favorite Presets pedals 6-10 in one layout

Expression Pedals programmed for 10 effects & volume. MIDI activity LED. And waterproof labels!


Switch between modes with UP/DOWN pedals.

1) EF: Effects


  • Turn Effects on/off!

  • Supports 1 MIDI cable (FCB MIDI out-to-TC Electronic processor MIDI in).

  • LEDs do not automatically update, but they still have state, three in fact: off, on, blip (for unknown effects state).

  • You assign the effect to the CC# in the TC Electronic processor.

2) Pr: Presets


  • Enter Presets 1-100, Banks 0-9.

  • Select Banks with Pedal 1 & 6. Bank displayed in 7-segment display.

  • Use Pedals 2-4 & 7-9 to select specific preset. Displayed in 7-segment display.

  • Press Pedal 5 to send the MIDI Program Change command to the TC Electronic processor.

  • With Pedal 10 on, a Program Change command is sent with each preset/bank change. With Pedal 10 off, Pedal 5 must be pressed for the Program Change command to be sent.

3) FP: Favorite Presets


  • Store 10 of your favorite Presets for 1 press recall!

  • To store a Preset:

    • In Pr mode, select preset via the EurekaPROM-enabled FCB1010.

    • Press & Hold the UP pedal until the 7-segment display begins to flash FP.

    • Press the pedal you wish to store the Preset. The 7-segment display will flash when stored.

  • To recall a Preset, press and release the pedal of your choice.

4) SP: Specials - Expression Pedal CC Assignment


  • Change the left expression pedal CC assignment!

  • The left pedal defaults to CC#13, but can be assigned to CC#13-22.

5) EP: Effects & Presets


  • To get to EP mode:

    • Go to EF mode.

    • Press & Hold the UP pedal until both the EFfects LED & Favorite Presets LED are both lit.

  • Pedals 1-5 are from EFfects mode.

  • Pedals 6-10 are from FP mode.

MIDI Activity LED

  • The LED is on when MIDI is sent, off otherwise.


What do I need for this setup?

A TC Electronic G-Force, G-Major, G-Major 2, G-Sharp, and Nova, a Behringer FCB1010, and a MIDI cable.

Tips for setting it up?

  • Go to the MIDI menu on the TC Electronic effects unit, and verify:

  • MIDI Channel is set to 1 or Omni

  • MIDI Program Change is set to on

  • Program Bank is set to External

  • Then setup the "stomps" on the TC Electronic effects unit by:

    • Press MOD (in the Setup section) and select an effect parameter using the UP/DOWN keys

    • Select "Learn", then press ENTER. The display will blink “>>>Learning<<<”, showing that you are now in Learn mode

    • Press the pedal (in EF mode) that you'd like to assign that parameter

    • “>>>Learning<<<” will stop blinking - you did it! Now do it for the rest of the EF pedals. :-)

How does this work with the G-Sharp?

Pr & FP mode work the same. (Note that the bank is ignored by the G-Sharp). EF & SP would affect these following:

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